Definitely more than just your average CPA.

A CPA, Published Author, Professor, Award Winning Content Writer, Academic Advisory member for CPA Canada, owner of a consulting agency with a 0% rejection rate and 3X growth in under 3 years, and mother of 2!  Just a brief version!

I have been told this sounds exhausting, the road was long and hard but that’s where all the lessons lay. No regrets.

I can tell you about some of the greatest successes, like for one engagement I had to move and validate 261,000 journal entries AND then I was advised that I could not fly back home to Toronto because the business had a change of heart in the process we designed.  I reversed everything and made it home on time!

I could tell you about the learning and development program that I created for the largest tax software company out there and how it has yielded great success in training, employee and customer satisfaction. (ask me more!)

Perhaps we can talk about the surreal first time I stood at a podium facing MY classroom of students.  One of the greatest achievements of my career was to have the privilege to teach business and accounting to university students and share with them what it means to be in the field from a practical perspective versus textbook.  To hear a student say, “it’s amazing how excited you get when you talk about accounting and business.” was nothing short of humbling each and every day.

The awards? Yes, I have won a few and had my book nominated for the 2018 National Business Book Award. These are great feelings but truly the feedback from the readers and users of the content means the most. Connecting with people and helping them far exceeds all else for me.


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Where You May Have Seen Me

Value, we all strive for it but how do you define it? Explain it? Show it?

I developed the 5-I’s™ Framework for Value Creation after assessing how I had managed to amass such a broad level of understanding of what it takes to create success. It all comes down to asking 5 questions of yourself.

I use this model when you engage with me to update your business processes.
I use this model to mentor and coach individuals who struggle to find or explain their value.
Business and Personal Assessments

When you know where you are, you’re free to explore where you can go. The first step in any project or upgrade is to evaluate your current state. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities, needs and goals will help to define your future direction.

Without a clear roadmap for your business strategy, you’ll be moving aimlessly and wasting time and/or money. After all, progress without a purpose is not really progress at all.

I can help you unlock the value and potential you are looking for.

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Call To Action

An instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as buy now, find out more or visit a store today.

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