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Coming Fall 2022

A simplified introduction to Cryptocurrency, the technology behind it that affects accounting and business operations & tax consequences explored.

Coming Fall 2022

Stay tuned for the Fall 2022 Course Additions

Money & Finance

Coming Fall 2022

Not only is divorce an emotionally difficult time but it can be particularly daunting if you’re in the dark about what’s going to happen to you financially as a result and how to build your future. This webinar will guide you through to be prepared and make informed decisions.

Coming Fall 2022

Even upon death taxes cannot be avoided. This webinar will guide you through some of the critical concepts to consider when tax planning and to prepare you and your family.

Coming Fall 2022

You aren't exceling in your career because you aren't capable, it's because you aren't able to sell your value. Using my 5-I's Method we will unlock your ability to assess your value and sell yourself to the next level.


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