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FREE Business Planning Financial Calculators

I know that cost is a barrier to founders to get the support they need.  Sharing some FREE online financial calculators to get you started.


How We Can Help

 Access our low-cost digital downloads to help you as you start and continue to grow.

Income & Profit Tracker

Our Financial Tracker for Small Businesses is designed to help you maintain financial order, craft budgets, and refine spending habits.

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Business Plan

With 58 pages of in-depth analysis, strategies, and actionable insights, you'll gain acompetitive edge. Plus, our customizable Canva template allows you to adapt the plan to suit your business

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QBO Starter Guide

43 Page Quick Start Guide
FULL 84 Page User Guide to access all the features within QBO. Shortcuts &
Predefined Chart of Accounts

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Some of The Tools That Help Me Be Successful

Sharing my faves and offers I can share with you.

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I'm Stefanie Ricchio CPA, CGA

I'm a Toronto based CPA who works with businesses looking to automate their business systems and implement the latest digital solutions to grow and scale their businesses. 

I am also is a Financial Literacy advocate working with charities and organizations across Canada to support Canadians in understanding finance and tax. You may have seen me around as TurboTax Spokesperson for Tax Year 2023.

Now I use what I've learned over 25+ years to help people just like you find financial freedom but making the best financial decisions. I’ll show you how to track and follow your money, and make it work better for you!

"She possesses a rare combination of strategic thinking, innovation, and the ability to communicate ideas with utmost clarity. Stefanie has consistently offered unique insights that have shaped the accounting profession and influenced the way we approach financial reporting, compliance, and risk management. "
- C. Samuel, Controller
"Stefanie's dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to her craft has consistently set her apart as a true leader in the accounting field. Her profound knowledge of financial matters, coupled with her ability to navigate complex challenges with precision, have established them as an exceptional professional within the industry. Stefanie has a strong passion for the upskilling and digital transformation of the traditional accountant role and is an advocate for this in her consulting engagements"
- S.Bhatia, VP of Finance

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