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An ode to Weird Barbie and everything she represents

barbie character growth leader success thoughtleadership Aug 09, 2023

Enjoy this read, I was happy to contribute to this article in Glamour UK discussing the little bit of me I saw in the weird Barbie character.


Kate McKinnon portrays Weird Barbie in the summer blockbuster Barbie. Her character is introduced to viewers under a veil of mystery and, on account of Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie, trepidation. However, I was introduced to Weird Barbie long before the film. As were many others. We just didn’t realise there was a name for it at the time.

As the younger sibling, I often ended up getting my big sister’s hand-me-downs in the'90s. It’s a rite of passage any kid sibling goes through. I inherited her Walkman when she graduated to a Discman. A few years later, I was given said Discman when she upgraded to a fancier model. But the one thing I never inherited was her Barbie dolls. Why? Well, she had chopped off all their hair some years prior and coloured them in with various felt tip pens. My mother, unwilling to subject me to the sight of these dishevelled dolls, who no longer had use for the Barbie hair brushes we had so many of, opted to buy me new ones. However, a couple of the felt tip pen-adorned Barbies remained in an old toy box. I’d never given them much thought until I watched Barbie the film. It was only then that I came to realise that those neglected dolls I’d ignored were, in fact, Weird Barbies."

Read the full article here: Glamour UK - Article



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