An ode to Weird Barbie and everything she represents

Enjoy this read, I was happy to contribute to this article in Glamour UK discussing the little bit of me I saw in the weird Barbie character.


Kate McKinnon portrays Weird Barbie in the summer blockbuster Barbie. Her character is introduced to viewers under a veil of mystery and, on account of Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie, trepidation. However, I was introduced to Weird Barbie long before the film. As were many others. We just didn’t realise there was a name for it at the time.

As the younger sibling, I often ended up getting my big sister’s hand-me-downs in the'90s. It’s a rite of passage any kid sibling goes through. I inherited her Walkman when she graduated to a Discman. A few years later, I was given said Discman when she upgraded to a fancier model. But the one thing I never inherited was her Barbie dolls. Why? Well, she had chopped off all their hair some years prior and coloured them in with various felt tip pens. My mother, unwilling to...

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Leading With Heart: Unleashing The Power Of Emotional Intelligence

In my early 20s, I had little to no emotional intelligence (EQ). It was not something I deemed as a success factor. Truthfully, I had been conditioned to avoid it due to beliefs that emotions demonstrated weakness. Decades later I know this is not true and have built a successful career and business that leverages the power of emotional intelligence to build strong relationships.

For many, EQ is a skill that needs to be cultivated. For me, it took a mentor who showed me that you can be a strategic and successful leader while leading with heart. He used his emotional intelligence to develop social awareness and empathy toward his team, with respect to both their personal issues and workplace concerns. He allowed us to show up as we were every day and was supportive of us as people, not just resources. He led a team for three decades that would give 100% of their ability in return with this superpower.

My mentor encapsulated the importance of relationship building and leaning into EQ...

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Beyond Short-Term Results: The Hidden Risks Of Fear-Based Leadership

In a recent consult with one of my career-coaching clients, she explained to me that an abrupt change in leadership had occurred.

Her personal objectives were clear: to take 20 years of industry experience and move forward within the organization into a more senior role.

After reviewing her résumé and discussing at length her leadership readiness, I asked why she had become increasingly pessimistic and negative about being able to achieve this goal. The new leader who had been put into place within the past few weeks had begun to take a toll across the organization.

They came in “ready to shake things up” and made the following announcements:

• “I was hired to do a job; I have no loyalty to any of you.”

• “Your department is broken beyond repair. Why do we need it?”

• “There is a reorganization on the horizon; do what you feel with that information.”

• “Your role may remain, or may not....

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